Positional only arguments python 3.8

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Positional only parameters

Positional only arguments in python python 3.8

python 3.8 introduced positional only arguments. positional only arguments is a way of enforcing functions and methods arguments to be passed positionally only.

A marker '/' is passed after all arguments which are supposed to be positional only.



def student_grade(language, history, /, name=None):
    print(f'{language=} {history=} and student name is {name=}')



Code segment above declare a function named student_grade. student_grade function accepts three arguments ( language, history and name) language and history has been marked as positional only arguments by placing / after those arguments.  The name args remain to be keyword argument. Code bellow will show valid and invalid way of calling student_grade function.


student_grade(90, 80)  # valid
student_grade(50, 60, name="Sophia")  # valid
student_grade(45, 100, 'Sophia')  # valid

student_grade(history=47, language=44)  # invalid TypeError
student_grade(78, name='Johnson')  # invalid  TypeError



While there might be a lot of benefits for using positional only arguments but top benefit is consistency. i hope this article provided enough explanation about positional only argument. Please dont forget to like subscribe and follow @bongobinary social account on twiter, facebook, instagram and youtube.


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