Mistakes to avoid in python programming

On this post we are going to see some mistakes which can be avoided while programming in python language, some of these mistakes can as well be avoided in other languages. but most of them are only applicable to python programming language only as we will see on the comming section.

Being a good programmer is not an easy task, we learn everyday and we makes mistakes everyday. One who is voted as a good programmer by certain group of people is not neccessary a good programmer by other group of people but the chances are they are somehow good in programming. While we can not be perfect we can somehow try to be perfect in some ways. 

"We cant be perfect but atleast we tried". 

The following includes some of the mistakes to avoid while programming in python language. please feel free to write me back your top suggestions on what to avoid while programming in python @instagram, facebook, twitter  via @bongobinary or even on the comment section bellow.

1. Avoid to reinvent the wheel.

While you may conside yourself a good programmer please always try to search the solution which you wish to solve in code before writting a new package, class or function which does that, the chances are you may not comeup with the better solution as one already existing on the internet. Its good to do things by yourself but considering the world which require high quality solution then one must always choose the better option.

2.  Avoid to program one single file software

One application