Make python 3.8 default on Ubuntu

make python 3.8 default on ubuntu operating system


This article will summarize the steps which are required to make python 3.8 default python version on ubuntu operating system. This tutorial can also be used to make any python version default on ubuntu operating sytem.

Before starting the process please make sure you have python 3.8 installed by following instructions provided on this post Install python 3.8 on ubuntu


Step 1:

open .bashrc file :


gedit ~/.bashrc


Step 2:

Then type the following on top of the bashrc file. 



step 3:  Save the file


step 4: 

Run the following command on the terminal

source ~/.bashrc



Congratulation you can now use python3 keyword without specifying the actual version on ubuntu to start python 3.8. Till next time happy coding. Please dont forget to share this article with other friends