Interview preparation tips

While there are many techniques which you can use to excel in any job interview, This article will include some of interview preparations tips and recommendations which appeared to be effective on most interviews.You should keep in mind that these are not official rules of getting into employment. Its recommended that you do your best during the interview. 


  1.   Be confident, speak with confidence.


  1. Get prepared to answer the following questions:
  • Tell us about your self?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Do you have any questions for us? ( You must prepare questions to ask them)
  • Where do you see yourself in (*) years
  • Why leaving your current job? ( If applicable)


  1. Never say anything bad about others (especially previous and current coworkers)


  1. If they ask “ What is your weakness “ Tell them something good which is your weakness.

         Example: "I prefer to perform my tasks perfectly. This sometimes lead to late office leave"


  1. Smile and maintain a good eye contact throughout the interview process. Most of all make sure they love you. Try to be lovely.


  1. As long as you are not applying for the English or any other language related work then do not worry about grammar.  Tell  everything you know with confidence without having a worry about language and grammar  mistakes


  1. Listen carefully to understand the questions, There might be a lot of trick questions, Before answering any questions have a clear thought on them. Then answer the questions with confidence.


  1. Be honest , if you don’t know something don’t pretend to know. But give them a reason to pick you anyway. “Like I don’t know about  it but I can learn”


  1. Know your selling point, and use them to win their heart. Find the reason why you are the best fit for that job.


  1. Make a good research about the company. You might be asked some questions to see if you have interest on company.


  1. Prepare questions to ask  at the end of the interview, No matter what ask  the questions at the end of your interview. Like “ What is the best thing about working here? , Are there any policy for expanding staff skill?” show that you are not cheap.


  1. Water should be enough if you are asked for a drink.


  1. For ladies never put on open shoes and dress code it shouldn't  leave your armpits open.


  1. When it comes to hobbies some would take initiative to try to see if they  are true. Get prepared for questions about your hobbies too.